Friench Simpson Memorial Library

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    Donations & Gifts

Memorials to the Friench Simpson Memorial Library are always appreciated.

The library can trace its beginnings back to a memorial donation and memorials still play a huge role in our continuing growth and development.

When a memorial is received by the library for a deceased individual, the donation is placed in a special fund where it can be used for library projects or as directed by the family of the deceased. Acknowledgement cards are sent to the family and to the donor.

You may also make a donation in honor of other special events such as birthdays, anniversaries or achievements. A card will be sent to the honoree and also to the donor.

By making a donation to the library you are not only honoring the individual, but also contributing to the growth of the library and its important role in the community.

If you have any questions about our memorial program, please stop by the library or call 361-798-3243.


 No cost to you, the shopper!

Just remember to go the the Digital Library Page, Overdrive, log in and then go directly to the retailer of your choice.

It's that easy!!

Sign into your eBook account on Overdrive before you shop on-line.

Retailer rebates will go towards ebook credits for the Library.

On-line Retailer Rebate Goes to the Library

Bettina's Boutique on the Square

A Friends of the Library account has been set up at Bettina's Boutique on the Square. 
If you have clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. that meet the consignment rules that you would like to donate, please tell the store staff that the item/items are for the Friends of the Library account.